titleA Portrait of First World War Veterans; Canada


nameImage, Digital


dateCirca 1939


descriptionThis portrait shows a eight men squatting in the front row and thirteen men standing behind them in the back row. The men are in military uniform. Two men are holding flags, one is a British flag, the other is unknown. The sign above them reads, "God Save the King". Behind them are trees, other people, and buildings. Second from the left in the front row is Sentaro Omoto. This photograph may have been taken in Vancouver for the Royal visit of the King George and Queen Elizabeth of England on May 29, 1939.


history of use


Sentaro Omoto was in the 10th Battalion who enlisted in the 192nd Overseas Battalion and was wounded in battle. He was born on Oct 7th, 1883 and from Oyabu mura, Shiga ken originally, and immigrated in 1903. He lived in Vancouver at the time of enlistment, on September 10th, 1916 in Calgary Alberta. His occupation was laborer and after his return to Canada fisherman, and his next of kin was Minokichi Omoto his brother. Sentaro passed away September 11, 1953 at Shaughnessy Hospital in Vancouver at the age of 70.


part ofOmoto Family collection




Nikkei National Museum