titleAn Outdoor Group Portrait of the Jr. Red Cross Picnic at Jewel Lake; Jewel Lake, BC




dateCirca 1942


descriptionThe image shows an outdoor portrait of two rows of six girls posing in front of a lake with a thicket of trees in the background. In the back row, identified from left to right is Joan Aldham, Lily Sakamoto and Mitsuko (Haraga) Terada. In the front row, identified left to right is Joanne Cowdrill, May Watanabe and Jeane Watanabe.The majority of the girls are wearing shirts with some wearing skirts while others are wearing pants. Lily has a hairband with a bow in her hair and May is wearing glasses. On the reverse it reads in blue ink, "At Jr. Red Cross Picnic, Jewel Lake (near Greenwood, BC)".




history of use


Jewel Lake is 9 km away from Greenwood, BC.


part ofCowdrill Family collection




Nikkei National Museum