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The collection contains material retained by Alex Eastwood in connection with his work for the BC Security Commission concerning the internment of Japanese Canadians, and graphically shows the conditions of the internees at various camps in British Columbia and Alberta, and in particular, Hastings Park, photographed by Leonard Frank for the BC Security Commission. The contents of the Collection is broken up into six series.




William Alexander Eastwood was born in 1896 in London Ontario and died in 1982 in Vancouver BC. He served in the Canadian Army in France in the First World War. After 1918, he moved to Winnipeg to work for the Bank of Montreal where he met his wife Margaret Smith and they married in 1922. He was offered a job with General Motors and worked with them to 1932, having to move to Moose Jaw. In 1924, his first daughter Helen was born. They moved to Oshawa and had Cay in 1929. After 1932, they moved to Vancouver and worked for Begg Brothers who were distributors for Chrysler.



In 1942, Austin Taylor, chairman of the BC Security commission, hired him to work as the head paid administrator with the BC Security Commission. His office was on the main floor of the Marine Building in downtown Vancouver. Alex worked there for 2 years but felt that the "evacuation" was distasteful and unwarranted. He travelled to Tashme and Slocan with his family.








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