Kaye Kaminishi collection


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graphic material, textual record, objects, sound recording


22 photographs (jpeg, tiff) and other material






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The collection consists of items related to Kaye Kaminishi. The items include photographs, documents, objects, and interviews. There are three series in this collection. The first series contains photographs and documents from Royston and East Lillooet, BC. The second series contains objects that belonged to Kaye Kaminishi. The third series is an audio recording of an interview with Kaye Kaminishi. The eighth series contains 16 moving image home movies, 15 of which were created by Kannosuke Kaminishi.




Koichi Kaye Kaminishi was born in Vancouver, B.C. on January 11, 1922. At a young age, Kaye's parents sent him to Hiroshima, Japan for his health and education. In Japan he was raised by his father's sister and he had a Japanese education up to grade 5. He was an active child and participated in tournaments to represent his school in baseball and track and field.



In 1933, Kaye's father, Kannosuke Kaminishi (1881-1933), unexpectedly passed away in February. At the time of his father's death, Kannosuke was established in the Royston Lumber Company at Royston on Vancouver Island. That year, Kaye's mother came to pick him up from Japan in June to bring him back to Canada. In Canada, Kaye stayed with his mother who operated the Dunlevy Rooms on Powell and Dunlevy.



As a result of growing up in Japan and obtaining a Japanese education there, Kaye knew little to no English upon returning to Canada. Despite the language barrier, Kaye was able to further his education by attending Strathcona Public School and later on to King Edward High but unfortunately did not graduate from King Edward High due to the war. While learning English, Kaye continued to further his Japanese education by attending the Japanese Language School on Alexander Street and graduated in 1936 as a part of the Koki Kai Class.



In Canada he did not lose his passion for sports and continued to be active by joining baseball and table tennis teams. In 1939 he joined the Asahi Baseball Team as a Rookie at the age of 17.








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