Akune Family collection


general material designation


[artefactual and textual material]


42 objects, 6 books, 1.8 cm of textual material






scope and content


The collection consists of two series. The first series consists of material used by Grace Hodgson's father, Hideo Akune, for fishing. The second series consists of material related to the United Church in Steveston.




In 1942, Grace Hodgson (nee Akune) went to Hastings Park for a few months with her family, including her grandfather, Naonojo Akune and her father, Hideo Akune. Hideo was then sent to Lemon Creek as a member of a work crew to construct houses. After the housing was complete, the rest of the family moved to Lemon Creek to join him. In 1945 they decided to move to Turin, Alberta where they farmed thirty acres of sugar beets. It was hard labour with only her father and grandfather in the fields. Once Grace's younger brother got a bit older she took the responsibility of watching him so that her mother could also help in the fields. The family returned to the west coast as soon as they were able to in 1950. They worked for the BC Packers Cannery, first living in cannery housing before they moved to their house at 615 Monteith Road in Richmond, BC. Hideo did both gillnetting and trolling methods of fishing and he worked on nets and made their leadlines in the attached carport of the house. Hideo Akune passed away in March 2012.









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