titleOutdoor Class of Grade 4 Students of Pine Crescent School; Bay Farm, Slocan, BC




dateBefore 1945


descriptionThe image shows three rows of unidentified boys and girls in formal clothing from Pine Crescent school at the Bay Farm internment camp in Slocan, BC. The first row of children is seated while those in the rows behind them are standing. An unidentified woman is standing to the left of the boys and girls. Behind the group of people is wooden roofed walkway that is attached to other wooden buildings on both ends. On the sign underneath the pitched roof, the text reads, "PINE CRESCENT SCHOOL". Part of an illegible name is written over top of the bottom of the photograph.


Joy Kogawa is the first girl on the far right. David Suzuki is the boy on the top row on the far left. George Kawabata is the third boy in the back row from the left. Teacher is Mitsue Ishii (Sawada).


part ofMiki Family fonds




Nikkei National Museum