titleIllustration of Figures Peeling Potatoes at Angler Prisoner of War Camp; Angler, ON






descriptionThis drawing consists of a pen and coloured pencil depiction of four internees dressed in internee uniforms seated on a bench; two internees are peeling potatoes over a large pot, one internee is sharpening a knife, and one internee is smoking a cigarette. The right side of the image depicts shelving on which is placed sacks of potatoes, a bucket full of potatoes, and two boxes between a barrel. At the bottom right edge is written: "Angler 1944 Tamio" handwritten in pencil.


history of use


Illustration was drawn by Tom Sando (Tamio Kuwabara) while he and his brother, Shigeru Kuwabara, were held at the Angler Prisoner-of-War Internment Camp. Both Tamio/Tom and Shigeru were Canadian Citizens born in Canada during their incarceration.


part ofThomas Sando (Tamio Kuwabara) fonds




Nikkei National Museum