titleFuruya Shoten Storefronts and Building at 318 and 324 Powell Street; Vancouver BC


nameImage, Digital




descriptionThis image shows both stores of Furuya Shoten at 318 and 324 Powell Street, and the upper floors of the building. The clothing store at 318 Powell Street displays women's clothing on the right side of the window and men's on the left. The goods store at 324 Powell Street displays Japanese staples in the large window and barrels of Japanese staples in the other. Beside the store is an entrance way to the Lion Rooms upstairs, three floors can be seen, with fifteen windows in total. A feature of the Furuya Shoten is the Furuya Co. clock hanging outside the third floor level. On the right of the photograph a little bit of Fuji Chop Suey restaurant can be seen. (Fuji Chop Suey was at 314 Powell Street.)


history of use


Mr. Higuchi was the manager of both stores and a chain store in Mission.


part ofHiguchi Family collection




Nikkei National Museum