titleBC Security Commission Hospital Staff Portrait; Slocan, BC






descriptionThe image shows four rows of men and woman posing outside in front of a log building with a porch. The two front rows are made up of women wearing nurses uniforms and in behind are predominantly men in suits. The caption on the front reads, "BC Security Hospital Staff. Slocan '43". In the back row from left to right they are Mr Yamamoto (janitor), Keichi Noguchi (orderly), Masajiro Shikatani (chef), Sadao Suga (handyman), Mr Mimoto (wood chopper) and unidentified. In the third row from left to right they are Michi Ashikawa (ambulance driver and handyman), Mrs Sasaki (laundry), Doctor Ormond, Dorothy Omoto (hospital steno), Sumi Takeguchi (clinic nurse), Bessie Izumi (kitchen aide), Aiko Nakano (kitchen aide) and Toyoko Umetsu (second cook). In the second row from left to right they are Dixie Nakamura, Emi Kitamura, Miyo Kojima Kawaguchi, Head Nurse Robinson, Nurse Nori Yamanaka, Joan Takashima, Peggy Harada and Yae Umemoto. In the front row from left to right they are Pat Otsu, Pat Tobo (nee Yamada), Chizuko Sora, Phyllis Shiraishi, Sataoko 'Sugar' Takeda (nee Murakami) and Akemi 'Marge' Tsujiura (nee Iwase). The photograph was taken on November 16, 1943.



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Not included in the picture but a part of the BC Security Hospital Staff are Dr Kamitakahara, Miss Morrison (nurse), Mr Shiraki (orderly) and Mr Hotta (orderly).


part ofJohn W Duggan fonds




Nikkei National Museum