titleNo. 8 Prospective buyers looking over "gill-netters"; Fraser River, B.C.






descriptionThe item consists of a black and white photograph pasted onto a piece of paper from Kishizo Kimura's memoir. The image shows approximately ten fishing vessels and four men. Three men are standing in a group on the left of the photograph, the man in the center of the group is holding a pad of paper and the two men on his sides are looking at the pad of paper. The man on the right is standing on a boat and facing away from the camera. The caption below the image reads: "No. 8 Prospective buyers looking over 'Gill-Netters'". Japanese writing has been added in below the typed caption with blue ink.


history of use


The photograph is located in Kishizo Kimura's memoir, pasted onto paper. Previously accessioned as 2010-4-2-1-5.


part ofKishizo Kimura fonds




Nikkei National Museum