titleRelocation of Japanese Canadians to camps in the interior of British Columbia




dateCirca 1942


descriptionAn image of a woman and her two children waiting to depart from Slocan, with their suitcases beside them.


history of use


Picture taken in 1946 in Slocan, BC. Mary Ohara is photographed with her mother and brother who agreed to leave for Japan after the death of Mary's father. "My Mother wanted to see her own mother, who was living in a remote village in Japan. She had not returned to her to visit her birthplace since she came as a picture bride in the 1920's. Furthermore she was a penniless widow with five teenage children, one of whom was mentally challenged. She found the prospect of going east, to yet another unknown and hostile place, too frightening. We had no choice in the matter. We had to abide by our mother's decision" Information and text taken from Righting Canada's Wrongs: Japanese Canadian Internment In The Second World War.


part ofTak Toyota fonds




Nikkei National Museum