titleIkebana Done By Sachi Madokoro (nee Tsumura)




dateCirca 1940


descriptionThe image is a sepia toned photograph with a white border and some wrinkles. The image depicts a flower arrangement done on tatami mats. On the top row, from left to right pictured, is a small tree with pink flowers on a white table with rings around it. Pictured to the right, is a small tree with darker flowers. Pictured far right is a faux pine tree on a white table. In the second row is a turtle on a white table. Pictured to the right is an unknown object with a fish like, transparent tail and multiple flowers on top. In the front row is a white book with a kanji character on it. At the very top of the image, a white curtain divides the tatami mats from other areas.



The image depicts Ikebana, the art of flower arrangement, done by Sachi Madokoro (nee Tsumura).


part ofThomas and Sachi Madokoro Family collection




Nikkei National Museum