titleStaff in Front of Welfare Office at Popoff Internment Camp




dateCirca 1944


descriptionThe image is a black and white photograph with a white border around the image, and some scratches on the left hand side. The image depicts a group of six individuals standing in front of a wooden building marked 'Welfare Office.' The individuals, pictured left to right, are a tall woman dressed in a white dress shirt with a black cardigan and a long black skirt, Sachi Madokoro (nee Tsumura) dressed in a gray cardigan and white dress shirt with a long plaid skirt, a man in a white dress shirt and a black sweater over top, a woman in a white dress shirt with a brooch, a black cardigan and a black skirt, and a woman in a long beige coat buttoned up. The individuals are all looking at the camera and smiling, save for the Caucasian woman in the middle identified as Marguerite Grace Tucker, who is looking away. Behind the group is a wooden paneled building with a triangular roof covered in tarp. The sign in white reads 'Welfare Office.' Behind the building is a wooden picket fence, where snow can be seen behind it. The image was taken during Sachi Tsumura's time as a staff member in the welfare office at Popoff Internment Camp.


part ofThomas and Sachi Madokoro Family collection




Nikkei National Museum