titleHospital Staff Helping a Patient, Greenwood, BC






descriptionThis image is a black and white photograph with a white border around the image. The image depicts four young women administrating an anesthetic procedure called ether to a hospital patient laying down on a bed, covered in a blanket. The women, all dressed in a short sleeved, collared white dress with a white apron over top are at work. From left to right pictured, the first woman - identified as Molly Fukui - is holding the patients right hand and checking the pulse. The second woman is holding an object over the top half of the person's face, while the third woman is holding gauze over their mouth. The fourth woman is checking the time on the watch on her left wrist.



The verso of the image reads "8216 May 23 1945."


part ofMolly and Jim Fukui Collection




Nikkei National Museum