titleMrs Murako Yoshida and children family portrait in April ; Vancouver, BC






descriptionOne black and white photograph featuring four individuals posing in a studio at Woodward's Department Store in Vancouver, BC. The portrait captures a mother, Mrs Murako Yoshida, and her three children, (from left to right) Hiroshi Yoshida, Fumie Marina Yoshida, and Tadao Yoshida. The woman is sitting on a chair with a young boy on her lap, the older daughter stands to the left, and another boy is sitting perched on a bench. There are two rugs beneath the chair and bench, and the background has plain curtains. On the back of the photograph Mrs Yoshida has written in Japanese "1942, We took this photo on April 1st. It was nearly one month since I sent off my husband on March 7th. I was living everyday anxiously during that time, but the children were this well. For remembrance of the time when I'm living with indescribable emotion while wishing for peaceful days to arrive as soon as possible. Fumie, seven years and four months old. Hiroshi, five years old. Tadao, three years old."


part ofMarina Yoshida Collection




Nikkei National Museum