title1. Pre 1942 ; Mayo, Duncan




dateCirca 1940


descriptionHome movie. This film features scenes primarily of Mayo (now Paldi), near Duncan BC. The film opens with a Japanese Canadian man and woman walking their daughter along a beach. The location of the beach is unknown. There are various shots of driving down forested roads, natural scenery, and rural areas. The shots of the waterfalls might be in or around Duncan. There are also birds-eye view panning shots of a residential community in the area, possibly Duncan. There is another panning shot of Cowichan Lake. Following are scenes from within the community. A Japanese Canadian woman from the first scene walks by a white one-storey building. The daughter from the first scene plays with the steering wheel in the driver's seat of a parked car. Children are gathered in the grounds of a school?



The following is a shot list identifying people and places:


04:16 - The Japanese woman in center frame is Tomi Inouye (nee Takayama). Sitting on her lap is her son, Shoji.


04:19 - Japanese Canadians, gather on a boardwalk in the street with their children. Shoji walks towards the camera as Tomi watches. The older brother, Tak (Takeshi), runs in front of the camera.


04:46 - Japanese Canadians dressed in semi-formal suits stand before the camera on a boardwalk. The location could be in Paldi. A Japanese Canadian girl is among them. They are unrecognizable, and could be visiting from another town.


05: 29 - Further shots of driving on the road. Location is unrecognizable.


06:07 - On the dock, Tomi Inouye, wearing the lighter coat, carries Shoji. Tak follows close behind. The woman in the darker coat is Yumi Inouye, who is the wife of Tomojiro Inouye's cousin Eiji Inouye. Yumi is carrying her son Akira.


06:38 - There are various shots of flowers in a garden.


07:02 - In a scene in Duncan, the woman in the polka-dot type dress is Tomi. She picks up Shoji. In the background of the shot is a wooden shack where a local Japanese Canadian sells vegetables. As the camera pans, the farmer is seen in a white collared shirt walking.


07:11 - The woman in the dark dress is Yumi Inouye. The man in the hat is Eiji Inouye (Tomojiro's cousin). The baby is Yumi and Eiji's son Akira Inouye.


07:21 - Japanese Canadians look and hold up freshly caught perch fish. Sumi Kamachi (then Inouye, and daughter of Tomojiro) is in the white dress with black polka dots. She holds up perch and looks to her step mother in the white apron, Tomi, who also holds up a perch. The young man wearing the cap next to Sumi is Masanobu Kawahira. The woman to the right of Tomi is Sanaye Inouye, whose husband is related to Tomojiro.


07:36 - The perch are de-boned. The boy in the suspenders and striped shirt is Saiji.


07:56 - There is a closer shot of Masanobu. Across from him, the man in the glasses and hat is Tomojiro Inouye. The man who is standing behind Masanobu is Tomojiro's father, Josuke Inouye. The boy next to them in the white sailor cap is Masaru. The boy in the double breasted shirt is either Shoji or Tak.


08:12 - Children wade in a stream. Sumi, in the green swimsuit carries one of her brothers, either Shoji or Tak. The woman in the white patterned dress is Tomi.


08:41 - Tomi and Sumi walk around their garden wearing kimonos in their front yard. They pick some flowers. There are various shots of flowers.


10:07 - Tomojiro's son, Mas, stands in a corn maze. The location is unknown.


10:19 - A biplane flies overhead and does airplane tricks.


11:25 - The sunset takes place in their yard.


11:49 - Visitors come by to pick up flowers.


history of use


Created by Tomojiro Inouye and Tomi Inouye.


Film is a camera original reversal 8mm film (B wind) consisting of black and white and colour Kodak stocks. Kodak stock date code is Circle Plus, indicating that it was manufactured in 1940 July to December. Film base material is diacetate. The film is silent, and filmed at 16 fps. Film was likely not loaded properly into the original camera, and therefore at times the image stutters and flashes. Total length of film is 145 feet 44 frames. Duration is 12 minutes 10 seconds.


part ofTomojiro Inouye Family collection




Nikkei National Museum