title2. 1945-47 ; Lemon Creek and Vernon ; and note




dateCirca 1945


description(Note: Some parts of the film have been purposely blurred)



Home movie. The following item description is sourced from an accompanying shot list that came with this reel of film: May 4th: E. Ohama and Yukiye marriage. May 5th: Kazuo and Kazuo inside house. May 6th: Koyanagi children; Lemon Creek village looking north view. May 9th: Keiko and Takeshi; Behind Lemon Creek Mountain looking east to north; Lemon Creek village looking west view. May 10th: Blossom apple sunny. May 11th: Kuzuo inside house. May 17th: School house; School children watching from school.



The following is a shot list identifying people and places:


The following takes place at the Lemon Creek internment camp.


0:06 - It is the May Day celebration. The May Queen leads a procession, and walks down a field towards the camera. A Japanese Canadian man is by her side. They are surrounded by children. This is followed by a scene of the May Queen and other Japanese Canadian women in a sheltered area. They continue walking outside.


00:33 - There are sports day activities that take place at an open field at Lemon Creek internment camp.


01:10 - The Inouye family gathers outside their wooden house in the Lemon Creek internment camp. The girl with the pigtails is Sumi Kamachi (then Inouye). Her stepmother, Tomi, is next to them. She is holding baby Kazuo, who was born in January 1946 in Lemon Creek. The boys on the right side are likely her brothers. The tallest boy is her oldest brother Masaru. Mitsuya is the boy in the back (on the right hand side of the tallest child). Sumi had 6 brothers .


01:20 - Sumi holds Kazuo.


01:22 - There is a shot of Keiko, who is the younger sister (born 1940 or 1941). 


01:25 - The boy in suspenders is Takeshi.


01:26 - Brothers Mitsuya and Masaru.


01:28 - The man in the hat holding the Kazuo is Tomojiro Inouye.


01:41 - Tomi picks up Keiko.


01:44 - The brief shot of the man in the suspenders and sunglasses in the tie could be the Buddhist Minister.


The next sequence shows families and individual getting ready to leave Lemon Creek.


01:48 - Japanese Canadian children stand in front of a house in Lemon Creek. These are the children of a friend of the Inouye family. They lived about two doors away. Sumi comes out of the house carrying Kazuo.


01:56 - A young woman and her father in suspenders come out of the house. Then at 02:01 Tomi exits the house. It’s possible that these neighbours are going to leave for Japan. The other man with the unbottoned shirt is possibly the father of the kids at 1:48. Tomi holds Kazuo, then passes him to the man.


02:12 - The man wearing suspenders and smiling at 02:12 is a friend of Tomojiro Inouye, and they met in Lemon Creek. The woman with the children at 02:14 could be the wife of the man at 02:12.


02:19 - This man is another family friend, who’s last name is Nakamura. 


02:24 - The elderly bald man with the boy is unrecognizable.


02:29 - The man buttoning up his shirt with a cigarette is unrecognizable.


02:42 - The boy in the checkered suit is George Shibata. The man in the safari hat is his father, Mr. Shibata. The boy in the white shirt and suspenders at 02:39 is “Rusty”. He was the eldest son.


02:48 - The two women, mother and daughter, also lived in the neighbourhood a few houses down across the street. They were also exiled to Japan.


02:54 - Tomi stands with a baby stroller carrying Kazuo. Other people in the scene are family friends.


03:00 - Another person who lived in the neighbourhood and had the nickname ‘Goofy’. Goofy’s younger sister is the young woman at 01:56


03:05 - Shows everyone loading up a truck. The woman on the left is the one with the mother from 02:48. 


03:08 - Canadian Pacific trains load passengers. Many people are leaving Lemon Creek. These trains took Japanese Canadians interned at Lemon Creek back to Vancouver to catch a ship to Japan. The following are a series of shots where Japanese Canadians wave farewell to other people on the ground.


03:25 - Mrs. Nakamura with her son.


03:26 - Possibly Mr. Nakamura and some of his children.


03:47 - The man in sun glasses is possibly the Buddhist Church minister in Lemon Creek. 


03:57 - The man is possibly the private Japanese school teacher, maybe Mr. Yamashita? The woman is probably his wife. He taught Japanese language through his home in Lemon Creek.


04:30 - The Lemon Creek Buddhist Church.


04:31 - Takeshi is standing against a car. The bride in the car is Yukiye (age ~30) and she is marrying Eizo Ohama (age ~40), who is the cousin of Tomojiro Inouye. The go-betweens are there who arranged the marriage. The wedding takes place inside, and then outside, a procession of people follow the bride and groom out the church to a car, where they drive away.


05:09 The man who briefly walks across the frame is Tomojiro Inouye’s father, Josuke. At around 05:11, dressed in black are Tomojiro and Tomi Inouye.


05:29 - Two women walk towards the camera. Mrs. Kitagawa is on the right. 


05:36 - Tomi Inouye walks out of the house holding Kazuo. Sumi follows behind.


06:12 - Takeshi stands outside the house.


06:18 - Ayako Usami is the tall person on the left.


06:20 - A panning view of Lemon Creek internment camp, and the surrounding areas.


06:29 - Shows one of the two schools in Lemon Creek 


06:40 - Takeshi and Keiko walk on the hill adjacent to Lemon Creek.


07:45 -  The two school buildings in Lemon Creek. Children gather on the school grounds to march in procession, possibly for another sports day.


The next part takes place in Vernon.


09:08 - 1947. Tomi and a son are in Tomojiro Inouye’s truck, a Model T, half tonne of some sort. The other brothers also appear in the truck in subsequent shots.


09:13 - The Vernon Days parade takes place.


10:50 - The Inouye family is gathered outside the family truck.


10:55 - Swan Lake, a lake nearby in Vernon that froze over in the winter. Tomi holds the baby. The young boy with the hockey stick is probably one of the Inouye sons.


11:39 - Tomi waves to the camera with Kazuo.


11:41 - The other brother wearing a dark purple shirt is Mitsuya.


11:42 - The blonde boy is a neighbour.


11:55 - The four brothers skate together


12:27 - They have a dog named Prince who plays along.


12:34 - Sumi is wearing a red coat, and a green scarf on her head.


12:41 - Sumi pushes Tomi and her baby brother on the ice sled.  


12:47 - The man wearing a hat and sweater is possibly Tomojiro Inouye.


history of use


Created by Tomojiro Inouye and Tomi Inouye.


Film is a camera original reversal 8mm film (B wind) consisting of black and white and colour Kodak stocks. Kodak stock date code is Circle Triangle (1943) from 0 feet to 50 feet Circle Square (1942) from 50 feet to 102 feet 21 frames, and Circle Triangle (1943) from 102'22 frames to 154 feet 37 frames. Film base material is diacetate. The film is silent, and filmed at 16 fps. Film was likely not loaded properly into the original camera, and therefore at times the image stutters and flashes. Total length of film is 154 feet 37 frames. Duration is 12 minutes 53 seconds.


There is separate sheet (item 2017. written by film's creator describing the contents of this film.


part ofTomojiro Inouye Family collection




Nikkei National Museum
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