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titleChronicle by Jitaro and Sumiko Tanaka, Dec. 7, 1941 through Oct. 16, 1944






descriptionItem consists of a 177 page typescript chronicle in two volumes written in English and created by Jitaro and Sumiko Tanaka, presenting an almost daily account beginning Dec. 7, 1941 through Oct. 16, 1944, relating and commenting on events concerning Japanese Canadians during the Second World War. The chronicle was prepared for reference of Jitaro Tanaka, who was named to act as advisor to and representative of the Spanish Consulate (which under the Geneva Convention was charged with the task of protecting the rights of Japanese aliens in Canada). The chronicle entries are culled partly from local newspapers in British Columbia as well as from notices, statements, and other sources of the period.


part ofJitaro and Sumiko Tanaka collection




Nikkei National Museum