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descriptionThe interview was conducted on January 20, 2011 in North Vancouver, BC and February 22, 2011 in Burnaby, BC. In the interview Mr Nimi discusses life on Powell Street and living at 331 Powell Street in Vancouver, BC, where his father owned Nimi Shoten from c. 1918 to 1942. He discusses his father, Toragoro Nimi, in detail; specifically about his time as an early Asahi baseball player and later a coach of an early Asahi team. In addition, he talks about his father's involvement with the 'Tanomoshi'; a lending circle comprised of a group of trusted friends that would lend money to each for business ventures.



Mr Nimi then directs the interview back to himself where he reflects on his experiences as a student at Strathcona Elementary and the Japanese Language School and his recreational love of cars that lead him to spend a large amount of time at a car repair shop that his future in-laws, the Enomoto's, ran.


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